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Jun 012010

1、Rename the file to .zip, for example, test.xlsx rename to
2、Unzip the .zip file, then open \xl\worksheets\sheet1.xml (if sheet1 has password).
3、Delete this code: <sheetProtection password=…….. />, save.
4、Zip the folder to, the rename it to test.xlsx.


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  17 Responses to “Excel: Remove the Excel-Worksheet’s password”

  1. I’m sorry,
    I made the Excel file ( test.xlsx) and changed this rename this file to
    but I cannot unzip the file (

    May I have the Detailed explanation or any hint?

  2. Workaround – dont unzip Just open zip container with 7zip or similar. Then, within the zip you may edit files and update zip container.

  3. I have tryied too. and have same error..

  4. Unfortunately, there’s no xml sheet when I unzip it. There’s a folder labeled “data spaces”, an encrypted package file, and an encryption info file. None of the files contain similar coding to your post which I can modify.

    • Hi Guys,

      for example: the filename is “”, you unziped that file, then you will find a folder name “test”. there is a file and 3 folders. modify it. then select all those content of test folder and right click of selection -> Add to archive –> archive format “zip”. then rename the zip file to .xlsx. thats it……….

      ps: Winrar required.
      Sorry for my English.

  5. Still its not working.

  6. I also tried renaming to zip & rar but I cannot open the file or un-compress it.

  7. dear sir
    i hv convert and extruct my file as you told but i am not geting any folder named “XL” here i am geting following 1 folder and 2 file.
    and in first foldre i got the follwing
    so what can i do ?

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